Pitch Black FAQ

African American women are innovators and they are also one of the most underfunded groups of entrepreneurs. In 2018, MVMT50 chose to focus solely on Black women with the theme The Future is Female and the event was met with an overwhelming amount of interest and support. As a result, MVMT50 has chosen to continue with this theme for 2019.

Please note that if your startup has a female co-founder, you will be able to enter Pitch Black. The female co-founder must be the one to pitch on stage.

Businesses and individuals from all industries are eligible to apply – technology, software, food, retail service, etc. There is no minimum or maximum of years in existence restrictions.

The Competition is open to all legally established U.S. businesses owned by legal U.S. residents who are women entrepreneurs of color, at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. Each applicant must have a U.S. bank account under its Business Entity name; sales revenue and/or consumer traction; a pitch deck/business plan; and an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Submit a close to polished pitch that introduces a company, founder and concept with a clear path to how you will generate revenue. If you already have customers, even better.

The stronger the pitch idea and concept, the better the opportunity. This will allow us to see how your idea stands out amongst the other ideas. What we’re looking for are fundable companies who can help grow and create jobs for the community. If they already have traction and momentum that’s a big plus.

If you have a tech company or a confectionary company, judgment is based on our ability to see that you are able to grow and scale the company. Ask yourself, is the money we’re investing in your company a better bet than the other person who is competing?

You don’t need to purchase a SXSW Badge. Pitch Black will place at Oracle’s Global Accelerator on the Austin campus and SXSW credentials are not needed to attend. .

“It’s the brains that are down there that makes SXSW so great. Some kind of collective consciousness unlike that of anything I’ve experienced before.”

A number of conference attendees get more out of talking with other attendees than they do from official events.

“Many folks I know don’t even go to the convention center or get badges,” says Tomaeno. “Instead, we spend most of our time at smaller invite-only dinners, BBQ excursions, house parties on the East Side.”

Read more about the SXSW experience and why you should plan to attend in this CNBC Article.

Presentations will be scored in each of the following categories on a scale of 0-100, for a maximum possible score of 700 points:

  • identified problem
  • proposed solution to the identified problem
  • market opportunity for solution to the identified problem
  • value proposition of market opportunity
  • Business Entity’s business model
  • Business Entity’s six (6) month business plan
  • Entrant’s presentation of business plan

Pitch Black is free and open to the public. Online ticketing will be made available at a later date.

No. As Oleta Adams said, we don’t care how you get here, just get here if you can. If you are outside of Austin and did not ALREADY have plans to attend SXSW, this may not be the pitch event for you. SXSW Interactive is a MUST ATTEND event (at least once) and the internet is full of data on why you should already be coming to SXSW.


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