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Celebrating Black History Month, by recognizing 29 Innovators

Brian Brackeen

Kairos Inc., Founder


Brian Brackeen is the Founder of Kairos, a innovative facial recognition company. Kairos API is helping companies everywhere to change the way they interact with their employees, patients, and customers. Kairos makes face recognition and emotion analysis easy for developers and marketers. What if you could pay for a coffee with your smile? What if one glance was enough to skip the line at JFK? What if your smartphone knew when you were lonely or frustrated? That’s what Kairos is helping their customers achieve. In his role as CEO Brian has managed explosive growth at the firm, raising over 5 million dollars in venture capital and hiring some of the best and most diverse talent in the world. Kairos recently acquired IMRSV (pronounced “Immersive”), making Kairos the only facial biometrics company in the world offering both facial recognition and emotion analysis tools for developers.

Join us March 11 to honor our final 10 Awardees.