Celebrating Black History Month, by recognizing 29 Innovators

Mikaila Ulmer

Bee Sweet Lemonade, Founder


11-year-old Austin, Texas native Mikaila Ulmer is the founder of BeeSweet Lemonade. When she was only four-years-old, Ulmer was brainstorming what she would contribute to the Action Children’s Business Fair and Austin Lemonade Day. After two bee stings, her parents encouraged her to research why honeybees were critical to our ecosystem. The young mind grew fascinated. Not long after, Great Granny Helen mailed Mikaila a 1940s cookbook containing Granny’s flaxseed lemonade recipe. The light bulb went off and little Miss Ulmer was inspired to make something that would help honeybees and use Great Granny Helen’s delicous recipe. BeeSweet Lemonade was born.

Last year, Mikaila won $60,000 on the ABC tv show, Shark Tank, from business mogul, Daymond John. She’s also a SXSW Interactive veteran, having served on teenperneur panels. You can purchase her delicious lemonade at Whole Foods and other regional stores and restaurants.

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