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Russell Simmons Entrepreneurial GuidanceRussell Simmons + Tricia Clarke-Stone + Rick Savard
Can Periscope Equal Profit?Mario Armstrong
CannaDigital - The Digital Cannabis MarketMike Street + Denitria Lewis
Like a Virgin: Breaking New Digital TerritoryTynicka Battle + Randi Rosenfeld + Dave Bushnell
Finding The FORMULA: V+Pa(A)=PuAnthony Rose + April Bowman
Business Rules for Women:Relationships & AlliancesGabrielle Deculus + Besidone Amoruwa + Tamara Wyatt + Alero Akuya

The Real Second Screen is EverywhereRodney Williams
The ROI of Investing in DiversityLo Toney +
Alyse Killeen + Hamet Watt
The Black Girl Movement: Blogs+Brands+Bold TechFelicia Harris + Toni Carey + Andia Winslow + Vanessa Parker
Anonymous apps: Diversity Harassment Realms ?Kathleen Wong (Lau) + Sam Robertson
Missing Black Unicorns: Tech's Disruption DivideStephanie Lampkin + Allen T. Lamb
#BrandsOnFleek - Ca$hing in on Viral ContentDenitria Lewis + Keraun Harris
Collaborative Models to Building Future CitiesVirginia Cumberbatch + Angela Oguntala
Your Story Matters: The Purpose of Story
Julia Blues
Successfully Pitching Ideas for Cash & Investments
Brian Williams + Gwen Jimmere
The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter 3.0Dr. Goddess
#BlackTechMattersWillonius Hatcher + Corey Neufville + Felecia Hatcher
Creative Healing: Caregiver to Partner in HealingRuth Curran + Patricia A. Patton
Capital ManagementJihan Bowes-Little
Opportunities for Aspiring Content DistributorsKrystol Cameron
Citizen Journalism vs. Traditional JournalismTim Lampley
Building the Urban Tech EcosystemMutale Nkonde + John Henry + Lori Mitchell
Incognito: The New Wave of EntrepreneursMercedes Harris + Candace Mitchell
SpeedCollab: Black Content Creators ConnectingCheryle Reynolds
Inclusion & The Black Creative TechnologistCharles Duncan
Inclusion & The Black Creative TechnologistLisa Byrd + Matthew Gossage
Young Black and Powerful: A Consumer ReportCandace Queen
Debunking Gender Myths in STEMRuthe Farmer + Sara Chipps + Kimberly Bryant + Christina Wallace +
You're a Phony. And That's Okay.

Chanelle Henry + Scott Hanselman + Yoli Ouiya
Using Social Media to Turn Compassion into Action

Nicole Blades + Nailah Blades + Heather Barmore + Chrysula Winegar
Embracing Diversity in Eight Steps or Less

Donte Parks
Research Based Training: Diversity & Innovation

Kathleen Wong + E.Cheryl Ponder
How to Create Makerspaces in Your Community

Kehlin Swain + Rebecca Faison + Rick Baldwin + Ashley Kelsey
The MVP Workshop: Mobile Video & Photography

Tiffany Williams
Mobile Media Must Haves: Useful Apps for Business

Michelle Ngome + Tiffany Williams
How to Build the Most Inclusive Tech Community

Talib Graves-Manns
Music Industry 10101: Data as Creative Medium

Chaucer Barnes
Wired Babies: wearables & tech in the baby market

Rakia Finley + Marcus Finley
80s Babies: Designing with the 80s in Mind

Lyzaia McDonald
Did I do that? Prototyping an IoT UX for Customers

Rakia Finley + Marcus Finley
Drones Eat Fashion: Changing How We Advertise

Chad Finley + Rakia Finley + Marcus Finley
Co-Working Spaces for Diverse Startup Founders

Alvin Bowles + Erin McKinney
Funding our Future: Investing in Diverse Startups

Denmark West + Charles King + Erik Moore + Valerie Mosley
Diversity and Inclusion through Partnership

Laura Weidman Powers + Kara Monterroso + Lisa Lee
Tacos and Goosebumps—Hosting Great Creative Events

Lisa Woods + Oen Hammonds + Ben Thoma
India & Africa can solve your #firstworldproblems

Miriam Quansah + Ramaa Sharma
How to Build an eCommerce Ecosystem in Africa

Lisa Armstrong
Different business models for Africa

Virginie Berger
OperationDisrupt: Tech to Improve Lives in Africa

Denise Walker + Abiola Oke + Humble Prince + Amaete Umanah
US-Africa Business Matchmaking

Almoktar Allahoury + Sebulon David + Asha Abinallah + Samuel Yamthe
What Mobile Means for Brands & Platforms in Africa

Clyde Mallon + Waithera Kabiru + Aviv Weil
Human Code-Tipping the Funnel on its Head

Emily Rule
Human Code-Tipping the Funnel on its Head

Felipe Braga + Eco Moliterno
African Tech Revolution: Corporates vs. Startups

Jorn Lyseggen
African Tech Revolution: Corporates vs. Startups

David Lemayian + Chris Roper + Stephen Abbott Pugh
African Tech Revolution: Corporates vs. Startups

Bacely YoroBi + Magalie Pigeon
You Say More Than You Think

Leslie Wingo + Christian Goy + Janine Driver
How Media Writes Violence Against Women of Color

Claudia Garcia-Rojas + Maya Schenwar
Age No Bar

Elizabeth Gore + Mikaila Ulmer + Isabella Rose Taylor + Taylor Wilson
Intellectual Property And Content ProfitabilityJonathan Mannion
Radio 411 - Do's & Don'ts of Getting Radio AirplayMaurice Rivera + Marco Arias
Feeling Ourselves? Black Girl Power In MusicJaneé Bolden + Shanti Das + Karen Civil
Business Rules for Women: Entertainment & MediaDevi Brown + Tracy Garraud + Latosha Duffey + Karen Civil

Reviving Musical Cultures of AfricaAdrienne Dorn + Danny Mekonnen + Dalmar Yar
Music Industry in Africa: Where is the cash?Virginie Berger + Phiona Okumu + Yoel Kenan
KZN Music ImbizoSphe Mbhele
KZN Keynote Conversation with WizkidWiz Kid + Eddie Kadi>
How five cities propelled modern African musicRab Bakari
Music for Change: How Hip Hop Helped Stop EbolaNora Rahimian + Blair Glencorse + Jonathan "Takun J" Koffa
The Impact of the Digital Evolution on Content
Chan Booth
Black Filmmakers: Creating Global Content
Cheryle Reynolds + Redelia Shaw + Bentley Evans
The Making of "You're Beautiful to Me" #YBTMDr. Goddess + Patricia Patton + Emmai Alaquiva
Hyperlocal Ko Kasi - a new TV model in AfricaAnn Roberts
Be a Highly Effective Manager and InstructorKewanta Greer
EdTech On a Shoe String BudgetShetay Ashford + Jenell Paul + Brett Lee
Storytelling: The Key to Diversity in EducationVirginia Cumberbatch
Black Lives Matter: from Protest to PedagogyRoni Dean-Burren
Let's Hack it Out: White Talk and Color Commentary

Kimberly Bryant + Tracey Webb
Step into Open Source Software!

Jenell Paul + Jamie Carrington
Leading the Pack in Social and Educational Change

Chrystal Rivers + Wykesha Hayes + Marvin Pierre + Shekira Dennis
How 2 escape the trap & put your life on fleek!

Herm Gilmore
Education as a Side Hustle

Aaron Saunders
What Africa taught us about innovation & education

Don Wettrick + Pete Freeman
Sustainable Educational Development Initiative In

Paul Crockett Authess + Bridget Teboh + Niran Adetoro + Adekunbi Adeoye
Hands-on Science with Low-Cost Materials

Heather Beem
Educate Africa:Investing in Market Based Solutions

Irene D. Pritzke
A Cor da Cultura (The Colour of Culture)

Lúcia Araújo